Joystiq auditions for The Tester Season 3

Much to the delight of Hal Sparks and unemployed Q-list celebrities across the globe , Sony’s semi-reality show, The Tester, is returning for a third season. This year, contestants will vie for a production job at Santa Monica Studios.

Rather than make snide comments from the shadows, your buddies at Joystiq are putting it all on the line and auditioning for the shows themselves. See our audition tapes after the break and wish us luck!

Source: Joystiq
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Interesting Puzzle Game – Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea

A amazing sea expedition with your current papa becomes a Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea when your personal deliver is sunk by the excellent Davy Jones. As you will present the backside of the sea, you can find you are not alone to go through this circumstances. Explore the tips of Davy Jones as you fulfill the other lost souls he has trapped for perpetuity in Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea, an strenuous Hidden Object game – Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea!

Stunning Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea is actually a totally free get puzzle game for Windows. You really need only a few minutes to Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea Game in order to get hold of downloaded and installed with quick ADSL or Cable Web connection. After setting up you may play Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea for no fee while in an hour. Then you definitely can easily uninstal the game or decide to purchase Written Legends: Nightmare at Sea Full Version Game for ones Computer system. All these games are of high quality and never possess trojans, ads, cracks or adware.

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BioWare’s Laidlaw: DA2 ‘Legacy’ DLC is a response to fan complaints

“There’s a game out there that’s better than both [Dragon AgeOrigins and DAII, and I’ll be damned if the talented folks of the DA team can’t find it,” BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw concluded a recent response to one fan on his company’s forums. He was engaged in an ongoing conversation over the past few days in a subject thread titled “Dragon Age 2 reception and community discussed,” wherein fans sounded off and a handful of BioWare reps responded to criticisms about the critically divisive Dragon Age 2, and its improved follow-up DLC, Legacy.

“Legacy, I think, goes a long way towards demonstrating that we are listening, that we are aware of the weaknesses of DAII, and that we will continue to address them,” he responded to another, specifically citing combat encounters, asset re-use, loot, and choice impact as areas to improve. While he of course didn’t speak to Dragon Age 3, he did note that “Reasonable, passionate feedback is the best possible thing to provide. Seeing strongly negative reaction to DAII, and strongly positive reaction to Legacy, even from some of DAII’s strongest detractors (and yes, I know it’s not universal, but what is), is incredibly useful.”

Source: Joystiq

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Match 3 Game – Fate of Pharaoh

Setup glorious Egyptian cities and enhance your favorite realm in Fate of Pharaoh, a great and healthy Stratagems game – Fate of Pharaoh Game! Soon after becoming attacked by a money grabbing enemy for a long time, the incredible arena of the pharaoh has crumbled. Produce homes for your primary people, set-up resultat, commerce, you should gods, fight crocodiles and damaging cobras, all though generating wonderful typical monuments and reputable wonders in Fate of Pharaoh!

Good Fate of Pharaoh is a fully free get puzzle game for Windows. You really need only a few minutes for Fate of the Pharaoh Game to actually get downloaded and installed with really fast ADSL or Cable Connection to the web. Immediately after set up you can have fun Fate of the Pharaoh for free of cost while in an hour. Afterwards you has the potential to uninstal the game or actually buy Fate of the Pharaoh Full Version Game for the Personal computer. Every video games are of very good quality and do not incorporate computer viruses, adverts, cracks or spyware and adware.

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Incredible Puzzle Game – Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night

Your own pal is a correspondent who is living in a seemingly dull wasteland location. Following grabbing included in a legend between dark forces, he is kidnapped by three dark priests! Now they increasingly becoming willing to compromise him to supply the Demon of Darkness with endless power, and it’s up to you to quit them! Keep your own personal friend in Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night, a difficult Hidden Object Puzzle Excursion game!

Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night GameFunctionality:

  • Sensational gameplay
  • Good plotline
  • Fantastic soundtrack
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Download Nightmare Realm Game

Save Emily from a black overall world! Vacation to the mysterious Nightmare Realm and help save Emily from an imaginary planet that is absorbed by night! Investigate glorious Hidden Object scenarios and determine beneficial pieces to utilize as you combat a mysterious beast. Deal with perplexing puzzles to unravel a puzzle and help to Emily escape just before time goes out in Nightmare Realm!

Nightmare Realm Game Elements:

  • Conserve Emily from a darker earth!
  • Great gameplay
  • Powerful puzzles
  • Check out away our Blog Walkthrough
  • Get the Plan of action E-book!
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Niente Anna in Street Fighter X Tekken

Tagliata per la presenza di Nina.

Il sito Siliconera ha intervistato Yoshinori Ono chiedendo due personaggi, rispettivamente da Street Fighter e da Tekken, che NON saranno presenti in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Con il suo solito modo di fare canzonatorio Ono ha ricordato che nel primo video di presentazione del gioco Dan era stato ucciso da un personaggio di Tekken e che, di conseguennza, non sarà presente nel crossover.

Sul fronte Namco Bandai, invece, sembra proprio che Anna sia stata esclusa a causa della presenza della sorella. Se non vedevate l’ora di organizzare un incontro tag con le due sorelle, quindi, dovete mettere da parte l’idea.

Source: EuroGamer

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