BioWare’s Laidlaw: DA2 ‘Legacy’ DLC is a response to fan complaints

“There’s a game out there that’s better than both [Dragon AgeOrigins and DAII, and I’ll be damned if the talented folks of the DA team can’t find it,” BioWare lead designer Mike Laidlaw concluded a recent response to one fan on his company’s forums. He was engaged in an ongoing conversation over the past few days in a subject thread titled “Dragon Age 2 reception and community discussed,” wherein fans sounded off and a handful of BioWare reps responded to criticisms about the critically divisive Dragon Age 2, and its improved follow-up DLC, Legacy.

“Legacy, I think, goes a long way towards demonstrating that we are listening, that we are aware of the weaknesses of DAII, and that we will continue to address them,” he responded to another, specifically citing combat encounters, asset re-use, loot, and choice impact as areas to improve. While he of course didn’t speak to Dragon Age 3, he did note that “Reasonable, passionate feedback is the best possible thing to provide. Seeing strongly negative reaction to DAII, and strongly positive reaction to Legacy, even from some of DAII’s strongest detractors (and yes, I know it’s not universal, but what is), is incredibly useful.”

Source: Joystiq

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